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Running a store on Amazon, simpler than you thought

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    Running a store on Amazon is simpler than you thought

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      A Guide to Amazon Product Listing Image Requirements for Better Sales

      One factor that some Amazon sellers don’t realize that can seriously impact sales is the quality of their product images. And in Amazon’s world, the customer is king.

      The company knows that if customers have a positive experience with their product from start to finish, they are more likely to buy again and tell their friends about it. 

      That’s why Amazon has particular product listing image requirements that sellers must follow to ensure the best customer experience.

      In this guide, we will go over those requirements to produce better images for your products and see an increase in sales.

      What is Amazon Product Photography?

      Amazon product photography is the practice of photographing products to invite consumers to buy them. Achieving the perfect product shot requires a distinct skillset from typical product photography.

      This sort of photography differs from usual product shots in that it is more concerned with the product’s characteristics and advantages while still looking attractive.

      When photographing products for Amazon, it is vital to keep the customer’s perspective in mind.

      What do they need to see to make a purchase? How can you show off the product’s features and benefits in an image? These are questions you should be asking yourself when photographing products for Amazon.

      How Do Amazon Product Pictures Influence Conversion Rates?

      It’s a proven fact that well-designed, high-quality product images can increase a product’s conversion rate.

      In fact, one study showed that increasing the quality of an image from low to medium resulted in a 95% increase in conversions. And if you can manage to get your images up to a high level of quality, you could see even more success.

      Potential customers will not go to any other listing if you have appealing images that explain everything. Why would they?

      There’s no need if you’ve articulated your value proposition, the product appears good, and your image photos have answered all of their queries.

      Great images improve conversion rates and your click-through rate if you have a fantastic main image.

      Amazon Product Image Types

      There should be three sorts of pictures in every image plan: the main picture, infographic images, and lifestyle images.

      Main Image

      The primary image, often dubbed the “sales slide,” is possibly the most crucial component of your whole listing (besides the product itself).

      This is a single shot of your product against a plain white backdrop. It should show the customer exactly what the finished product would look like if they opened it out of the box.

      It is your chance to make the sale, and you should not waste it.

      Infographic image

      These more complex images will supplement your main picture with further information about a product.

      This can include things like dimensions, step-by-step assembly instructions (if relevant), color options available for purchase, etc.

      Infographic images are an excellent way to reduce the number of clicks a customer needs to make to get all the information they need about your product.

      Lifestyle images

      These pictures are used to give customers a better look at the product in use, rather than just on display.

      They can include shots of your product being worn by someone, or even better yet, multiple people. Or it could be an image showing how well the product fits into an already-existing space within their home or life (if applicable).

      The idea is to help the customer visualize how the product could be integrated into their own life and make it as easy as possible for them to imagine owning it.

      Tips for Optimizing Amazon Product Images

      As mentioned above, you want to make sure your images are high quality. But with so many requirements on image dimensions and file formats out there, it can be easy to get confused!

      Here are some general tips for optimizing your Amazon product images:

      1. Follow the technical Amazon image standards

      Amazon has strict image requirements that must be followed when setting up new product pages or updating existing ones. Even if you have the most excellent product images, Amazon will reject your listings and images if you don’t.

      The main points to remember are:

      • Image size: Your Amazon photos must be at least 1000 pixels tall or wide and 1600 pixels in length on the longest side. You can’t have images larger than 10,000 pixels on the longest side.
      • Image frame: The product should fill 85% or more of the frame.
      • Background color: All product photos should have a pure white background.
      • File format: You can upload JPEG, PNG, GIF, or TIFF files. Amazon prefers JPEG.
      • Color mode: Both sRGB and CMYK are accepted.

      Click this link to view the Amazon image standards in full.

      2. Follow Amazon’s guidelines for high-resolution photos

      For conversion and more clicks, high-resolution pictures for the primary and kid SKUs are incredibly essential, but they’re also a part of Amazon’s non-technical standards. 

      These Amazon product images requirements are:

      • Aim for quality: The picture resolution on your Amazon product should be high-resolution. Sharp and well-lit product pictures that appear realistic are a must. Notice how the colors look after they’ve been taken because you don’t want any customers to be disappointed. 
      • Keep things simple: Anything out of the frame that isn’t directly connected to the product may become distracting to a potential customer. Remove these from your Amazon product images. 
      • Use real photos: The image must be an actual photo. Posters and art prints will not be accepted, nor will additional inset photos, animated .GIFs, or text overlays. (Note that a still .GIF is acceptable.)

      3. Use a wide range of product images

      You may upload up to seven photos (one primary and six supplementary) for maximum impact.

      Customers want a comprehensive overview of the item(s) from many angles. Not showing specific features may result in losing a potential customer.

      Make sure to showcase all aspects of your product and use different images for each. This can include:

      • The front and back of the product
      • A top view or close up shot
      • Images from different angles
      • lifestyle shots that show the product in use
      • Images highlighting any unique features or selling points
      • Images of the packaging
      • The product in different colors, if applicable

      Keep in mind that supplementary images are not a replacement for good primary images—use them to supplement and enhance your listing.

      Including all of these photos will give customers a well-rounded view of what they’re buying and increase their chances of making a purchase.

      4. Give necessary information about the product

      You may also utilize Amazon product pictures to provide crucial information about your product. This can be done in the form of text overlays, which are especially helpful if your images are crowded or have a lot of background noise.

      Some things you may want to include on your Amazon product image are:

      • Product title
      • The brand name
      • Item specifics (size, color, material)
      • ASIN number for easy reference

      If the primary image is crowded, use an overlay to show these details. Ensure that you avoid having this text cover up any critical features on the product itself!

      Important information can also be displayed in a second or third photo: keep it brief with just one line of text and don’t distract from your main aim—showing off your product.


      Amazon product images are imperative to the success of your listing. If you’re short on time or money, look for an experienced graphic design team that can bring life and professionalism to your listings at a reasonable price.

      Selling products online is a numbers game—increasing sales requires increasing traffic. Give yourself every advantage possible by following Amazon’s guidelines and making it easy for customers to buy your product.

      If you have any questions or need further assistance on this matter, feel free to leave a comment below. We would be happy to help!


      Running a store on Amazon is simpler than you thought

      Contact us and we will get back to you soon

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